Safety Committee Updates

Happy summer everyone.

On behalf of the Safety Committee, I want to share a few updates and bring to your attention a few safety items with the intent of making sure this is a fun, and safe, 2018 summer.

1-Stop the Bleed Kits: These are emergency response kits containing tourniquet and compression bandage to address life-threatening hemorrhage while awaiting the 911 response. These are now located throughout the island, including the following places: (1) on the Island Raider, (2) on the barge, (3) in the company shop area, (4) in island company golf carts, and (5) with each AED (Lodge Porch, St Cuthbert’s Chapel [left side], West Float, side of Myer’s garage near the Myer’s cottage and rectory). We would encourage each cottage owner to consider purchasing a kit as well. There are several options (from basic to advanced), and you can purchase on several sites. Here are a few suggested site and kits:, or Martha will demonstrate their use in July and August when she is on the island, including after the Island Meeting this Saturday 7/7.

2- Update your emergency contact info! Please be sure to update your contact information (and that of your family members who stay on the island) on the AMG Alert emergency system if there has been a change of information so you will be contacted in the case of an emergency. To update contact info:

Also, please review the protocol on the website under the Emergency Information tab for contacting a system gatekeeper after calling 911, and be sure to share the information with your renters.

3- Fireplace Safety: All are encouraged to have a fire suppressant on hand to put out fireplace/chimney fires. These are logs or packets that get thrown on the fire. Most work by starving the chimney of oxygen. Examples include Chimfex Fire Extinguisher or FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant. These can be bought on line or at most home improvement/hardware stores.

4- Electrical assessments and cottage work: This fall, Chris will coordinate bringing an electrician on the island to do electrical house inspections for a fee (then applied to any work done). Please contact Chris if you are interested.

Thank you,
Laine Romero-Alston
(lainealston at