Nomination Process for the SICO Board

A reminder that the Nomination Process for the SICO Board (approved September 6, 2015) allows for additional nominations to fill Board vacancies. This year, there will be three seats open for nominations.

Per the approved Nomination Process:

To allow sufficient time to prepare for a contested election at the Annual Meeting, any Member may make additional nominations only by letter or email to the President or Vice-President received by July 10. Such nominations must include a brief description of the candidate and a brief (two or three sentences) written summary of each candidate’s background and qualifications. Any Member may nominate her or himself or any other person. If there are vacancies of different term durations, the nomination must specify which term the nominee is seeking.

Nominations should be sent to Steve Baumgartner (slbaumgartnerat or Martha Kennedy (mkenned2 at by July 10, 2018.