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MacMahan History Quiz


Tick Talk with Dr. Nananda Col (sponsored by the Kennebec Land Trust)


The Playhouse, Yacht Club, and Chapel are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The Tennis courts are open but social distancing rules apply.

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David McDougal, Jr.’s Obituary – February 2020


Dick Calmes’ Obituary – December 2019

Don Freeman’s Obituary – October 2019

John Lee’s Obituary – August 2019


Tony Sano’s Obituary – May 2018


Daniel B. Kunhardt’s Obituary – August 2017

Beekeepers start young in Georgetown – The Times Record (featuring Laurie Martin & Doug Calhoun)

Peter Wende’s Obituary

David McDougal’s Obituary – April 27, 2017

David McDougal – April 27, 2017


The Georgetown Tide – October 2016 (Reprinted with the permission of Rich Start.)

Bonnie Chauncey’s Obituary (Chicago Tribune) and Oak Park News

Wilson Jones’s Obituary

Roger Derby’s Obituary

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