Nominating Committee Report 2019

The Board annually appoints a Nominating Committee of three persons to recommend candidates to fill all Board vacancies anticipated to exist as of the next Annual Meeting. Steve Baumgartner is completing his first term.

The Nominating Committee this year consisted of Judson Brown, Annsi Stephano, and Roz McLean, (Chair).  After careful consideration, the committee presented the following slate to the Board at the July 6, 2019 Board meeting:
• Steve Baumgartner, for a second three-year term
The slate was accepted by the Board.

In accordance with the nominating procedures adopted in September of 2015, in addition to those nominated on the Board slate, anyone may submit a nomination to the Board on or before July 10, by written or e-mail communication to the President ( or Vice President ( The nominee will need to accept the nomination and write a brief statement detailing their desire to be elected to the Board. All nominees will then be listed on the proxy mailing, posted on the website, and presented for vote at the August 3, 2019 Annual meeting.

The following qualities are desired in a Board member, including:
• time commitment to Board duties including attendance at Board meetings
• skills that would be useful in current or anticipated community issues
• diversity of background
• ability to subordinate personal beliefs and styles to the needs of the whole community
• the ability to work together constructively with the other members of the Board

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Baumgartner

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