Emergency Information

Local Medical Care

911 Addresses 1617

AMG Alert System for MacMahan Island

Step 1: Always call (207) 443-9711 FIRST! (from mobile phone)
(or call 911 from island land-line)
Step 2: Provide care to the individual requiring aid.
Step 3: Contact a “gatekeeper” to activate island alert.



(These 6 individuals are able to launch an alert)
Chris Martin – Mobile: (207) 371-2360
Jim Hamilton – Island: (207) 371-2119; Mobile: (617) 899-4014
Bruce Myers – Island: (207) 371-2750; Mobile: (207) 522-9790
Megan Rice – Island: (207) 371-2270; Mobile: (207) 841-3220
Janet Stebbins – Island: (207) 371-2601; Mobile: (207) 730-3532
Lucy Stinson – Island: (207) 371-2650; Mobile: (207) 319-8363


Click here to download the 2016 Gatekeeper List.

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To sign up for the service (no charge to islanders) please follow these steps:

1. Click on or type in this url to add your information for the MacMahan Alert system: https://www.amgalerts.com/frmUserInput.asp?USR=N3SIC5816&Cat=1000

2. Subscribing/Unsubscribing: In order to subscribe when on the island and unsubscribe when off island, it is important to be in the system.

a. Enter personal information and save before exiting.

b. Click on the url again, enter your name, email address and “submit information”.

c. The system will recognize you as a subscriber and display the following message: “It appears that you are already in the system. We have sent a reminder email containing your user key”.

d. Move the user key to your saved messages and click on it whenever you wish to change your telephone & text preferences.

e. Keep your email address listed at all times in order to keep your account active.

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