Committee Members 2017:  Doug Calhoun, Chair, Megan Rice and Annsi Stephano.

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The Board annually appoints a Nominating Committee of three persons to recommend candidates to the Board to fill all vacancies anticipated to exist as of the next Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee this year will be Doug Calhoun (Chair), Annsi Stephano, and Megan Rice. Doug Calhoun and Lucy Stinson have completed their second terms, but Laine Alston is eligible and willing to be nominated for a second term.  Therefore, we are looking for two qualified candidates to fill the remaining open two seats.

To enable us to consider candidates for the Board slate, discuss their availability with them, and make our recommendations to the Board before its Memorial Day meeting, please submit names to any one of us by May 10. Each candidate will be asked to submit a brief (two or three-sentence) written summary of his or her background and qualifications. The Nominating Committee recommendation will be presented to the Board for its approval at its May 27 meeting, and if approved, to the Cottage Members at their May 27 meeting. Final voting will occur, as usual, at the Annual Meeting on August 5th.

As always, the Nominating Committee will be looking for the qualities the community needs in a Board member, including:

  • time commitment to Board duties including attendance at Board meetings
  • generational diversity
  • skills that would be useful in current or anticipated community issues
  • diversity of background
  • ability to subordinate personal beliefs and styles to the needs of the whole community
  • the ability to work together constructively with the other members of the Board.

In accordance with the nominating procedures adopted in September 2015 and posted on the web site, and in addition to those nominated on the Board slate, anyone may submit a nomination (with written summary as above) to the Board on or before July 10, by written or e-mail communication to the President.

Contact information for Nominating Committee:

Doug Calhoun, Chair –
Annsi Stephano –
Megan Rice –

Details of the voting process will be clarified by the SICO Clerk in advance of the Memorial Day weekend meeting to address any questions in that regard.

The SICO Nominating Committee


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